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the most
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Goodsurf is a never-ending continuous surfable wave, powered by citywave®. It’s a chill beer garden. It’s delicious dining inside and out. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen – or surfed – in Texas.

Coming soon to Deep Ellum, TX
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Alway chill - never chilly text
Alway chill - never chilly text
A surfer catches a wave.
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The perfect wave—TIMES INFINITY

No need to wait and hope for “the one” – our never-ending wave is the definition of consistency.

Come unprepared

We have everything you need. Drop in at lunch or before a party - our changing facilities have showers, lockers, dryers, and more.

The surf is
always up

Whether you’re a beginner or a sultan of the swells, Goodsurf is for all.

made easy

Gain new skills with our 30-minute sessions. Kids 7 and up can surf on their first try.

Food - drinks - surf text
Food - drinks - surf text
Exterior facility render
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Do your thing

Our space is designed for everyone, whether you want to relax and enjoy food and drinks or hop on a board and give the wave a go. Come on in —this is a community of fun-minded souls.

Photo of a bartender pouring a drink for a patron
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Goodsurf sticker with waves


At some point, you’re thinking about more than tasty waves. Dine outdoors or indoors with fresh meals from our scratch kitchen.


Pair that adrenaline rush with a beer chaser. Grab a cold one and toast your adventures in our bountiful beer garden.


Dive into all sorts of beach activities and yard games. From bocce to spikeball to volleyball, there’s plenty of good times to go around.

  • Exterior facility render
  • Exterior facility render
  • Interior facility shop render
  • Exterior facility render
  • Exterior facility aerial render
Great waves - good times text
Great waves - good times text

our gurus
of good times

Every Goodsurf adventure is brought to you by a team of seasoned industry veterans with wisdom, tales, and past lives from Topgolf, Home Run Dugout, 12:30 Club and Sofia's Roman.

Young girl holding surf board smiling
Surfers sitting down at facility
Aerial photo of surfer on Goodsurf wave